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What's your goal?
Improving test scores. Ending school bullying. Increasing graduation rates. Preparing students for High School, University and career. Promoting student success.

There's an Education Plan tool for that!
Education Plan is a collection of Web-based tools for student success planning in academics and behavior. Thoughtfully designed by former teachers, education professionals, and project management experts, the system addresses key school district concerns and delivers the proper supports to address identified needs. The Education Plan tools may be used individually to target particular areas of need or may be integrated for a more holistic approach to promoting organizational goals and student achievement.

Designed With Teachers in Mind
The Education Plan suite was built specifically for teachers' ease of use, giving 24/7 access to all student data in one consolidated student profile that is able to store student records and support plans from preschool through high school. Because Education Plan imports all data that exists electronically, the system requires minimal teacher data entry.

Promotes Student Success
Education Plan integrates multiple areas of student performance for a holistic view of a student's individual academic, socio-behavioral, and other needs, so it gives educators valuable perspective with which to improve instruction and outcomes.

⇒ Other features of the robust system include
⇒ secure information sharing among all stakeholders in a child's education and
⇒ advanced reporting capabilities for aggregate analysis and required reports
⇒ and much more.

Comprehensive Profile
Education Plan gives educators at-a-glance information about key student assessment and performance data, as well as information for each plan area.

Education Plan Student Success Planning Suite
Education Plan tools can be implemented independently to provide a solution for a target area. Or they can be integrated to
'communicate' and enhance their value when multiple tools are combined.

Education Plan Instructional Management System (IMS)
Education Plan Instructional Management System (IMS) provides access to the data needed to drive instruction and support at the district and national level. Some of our IMS tools include

⇒ Assessment Management. One-stop shop for managing assessments at the district and campus level and promoting day-to-day success in the classroom.

⇒ Curriculum Management. Lets educators collaborate and develop content to meet the needs of the learning
population, along with extensive analysis capabilities with which to identify academic gaps.

⇒ Early Warning System. Helps schools and districts predict which students may need interventions to keep them on track for graduation.

⇒ Educator Effectiveness. Allows users to evaluate a school or district's teaching staff more effectively and efficiently, while engaging teachers in a reflective improvement process.

Education Consult Ghana Special Education Management
Education Consult Ghana is a leading national provider of comprehensive, Web-based student case management solutions for special education. Our innovative tools and services help schools plan, implement, and manage students' individualized education plans to meet state and federal reporting requirements and give teachers more time with students.

Education Consult Ghana Student Behavior Management
Behavior problems in the classroom compromise student learning. To address this critical issue, we offer a comprehensive set of Web-based tools with evidence-based behavioral interventions, reporting tools, incident tracking, and other features to help educators make data-driven decisions about individual students.

Education Consult Ghana Student Behavior Management offers a continuum of interventions and services in a complete digital student portfolio, along with appropriate guidance to school staff members for each step in the process.

Education Consult Ghana Student Support Plans
Education Consult Ghana provides individual planning and portfolio tools for all students, including graduation plans, completion portfolios, and gifted and talented plans.

Education Consult Ghana Performance Management Systems
We blend expert technical, education, and management consulting capabilities with data systems built on open national standards to provide proven solutions to an array of educational challenges such as district and national reporting, school and program analysis, instructional improvement, and special education compliance.
Education Consult Ghana is a leading national provider of data solutions that promote student success, combining consulting expertise with innovative technology and research-based methodology to help educators make informed decisions that promote student success.

To learn more about how Education Consult Ghana can help your school or district to promote improved student outcomes, contact us today at