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In these tough economic times, with increasing financial pressures on both revenues and expenditures, you can still put your organization on the path to more effective execution, best utilization of resources, and improved student outcomes. Education Consult Ghana can show you how.

Now in its over ten year of service to state and municipal government clients, Education Consult Ghana has significant experience in helping state and local agencies to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The firm's Education Consult Ghana division is a national leader in the field, serving more than 600 schools.

Education Consult Ghana combines a traditional management consulting approach with revenue maximization initiatives and tools to create a comprehensive service delivery model that delivers results that are unmatched by our competition.
We can help you to

⇒ Identify cost saving opportunities while finding and maximizing additional revenues,

⇒ Gain efficiency and compliance in school processes, and

⇒ Invest in the most effective manner to promote student achievement.

Across the country, state and local revenues are falling, student enrollment is declining, and funds are running out. As a result, schools are being forced to tighten their belts while striving to continue or improve service levels and achievement in schools.

Education Consult Ghana Education Can Help
Performance, operational, and financial reviews can be the means to face these challenges. Whether your school is looking to balance its budget, improve school performance and student achievement, or simply has a new management team that needs a plan for reform, Education Consult Ghana has the tools and best-practices and knowledge to deliver proven results. Our teams have generated additional revenues and helped schools create savings totaling billions of cedis.

⇒ Our services include but are not limited to

⇒ Management and organizational reviews

⇒ Revenue Maximization projects

⇒ Performance and efficiency reviews

⇒ Organizational and staffing assessments

⇒ Business process reengineering

⇒ Facilities assessments

⇒ Program evaluations

⇒ Compliance audits

⇒ Investigative reviews

⇒ Business plan formulations

⇒ Strategic planning and plan implementation and monitoring

⇒ Emergency Preparedness

A period of economic uncertainty could well be the best time to undertake a performance review of your school or district. A thorough examination of your operations will help your organization to achieve
Significant cost savings, reduced expenses, maximization of funding, and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
A well-defined plan to move the organization forward.