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Education Consult Ghana provides Literacy & Learning services for districts and schools to meet the literacy needs of students, teachers, and educational leaders and students in high schools and career & technical education.

Education Consult Ghana's Core Believes

Our Literacy & Learning services prepare students for higher education and the workplace through

⇒ Systemic initiatives that make student literacy and learning the central focus of the schools
⇒ Highly motivating and engaging Content Area literacy instruction
⇒ District and school audits for data-driven decision making
⇒ Action planning for systemic change
⇒ Expertly aligned professional development for teachers
⇒ Coaching and support for school and district leaders
⇒ Response to Intervention (RtI) implementation and support
⇒ 21st Century Skills program implementation and support

We work with a wide range of organizations to improve the literacy and learning of students throughout Ghana.

⇒ Primary schools
⇒ High schools
⇒ Career & Technical Education (CTE) centers and schools
⇒ State Departments of Education
⇒ Regional education associations and service centers
⇒ Professional associations
⇒ National education and leadership organizations

Education Consult Ghana believes that action to improve student literacy and learning must be based on data.

⇒ Education Consult Ghana's leadership services are based on the research-grounded Leadership Model for Improving Adolescent Literacy.

⇒ All of Education Consult Ghana's teacher professional development is based on the research-grounded in Adolescent Literacy Support Framework.

Education Consult Ghana's Literacy & Learning work empowers educators to develop student competency as readers, writers, thinkers, and learners.

⇒ Our research grounded approach builds district and school capacity to improve student literacy and learning.
⇒ We collect, analyze, and use data as the core of school-wide initiatives.

Education Consult Ghana's Literacy & Learning services provide educators with the tools they need to prepare students to meet literacy demands through four synergistic components:

⇒ Literacy & Learning Audit to identify strengths and areas of needs for your district/school to improve student literacy and learning
⇒ Action Planning to set goals and get results
⇒ Professional Development to establish a common language, a commons set of understandings, and a  common repertoire of instructional skills and strategies. For classroom teachers, teacher leaders, and   literacy coaches.

⇒ Leadership Coaching to support the implementation of a systemic literacy initiative. For district administrators, building leaders, and school leadership teams.

Why are Education Consult Ghana's literacy services so effective?

⇒ We care. - We work with our clients as partners, listening carefully to your needs, goals, and capacity, to design collaborative solutions that make sense.

⇒ We understand. - We have taught in schools and universities, served as school, district, and university administrators, conducted professional development with classroom teachers and school leaders across the nation. We understand the challenges that schools face and work with educators to implement practical solutions that make a difference for students.

⇒ We research. - We base our literacy services on what works in systemic school reform, educational improvement, teacher professional development, and literacy instruction.

⇒ We respect. - Our professional development for teachers and leaders is respectful and builds on your knowledge and expertise. We coach and focus our collaborative energy on literacy improvement over time, deepening knowledge and implementation so results can be seen at the classroom, school, and district level.

⇒ We connect. - We use technology to support client services, reporting to clients in an effective and timely manner, connect with clients in between onsite visits, connect clients to resources, and collect and report data. This means we offer clients state-of-the art applications and services attuned to the 21st century.

⇒ We inspire. - Our passionate staff brings vision and hope to teachers and students that literacy develops self-confidence, self-efficacy, and enhanced ability to succeed in school, work, and life.

Education COnsult Ghana Literacy and Learning services include

21st Century Skills
Education COnsult Ghana's teaching and learning experts examine your school or district's current practices that prepare students to be successful 21st century learners. Schools receive a detailed analysis and specific recommendations for improvement. Education COnsult Ghana's action planning tools and approaches help school leaders quickly put into place updated and effective practices and monitor progress toward goals. Education COnsult Ghana is recognized as a PD Affiliate by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

Career and Technical Education
Education COnsult Ghana's CTE experts work with CTE schools by coaching leaders and helping teachers to improve student reading, critical thinking, writing, and vocabulary development within the context of preparation for Career and Technical fields.


Leadership for Literacy Coaching
Education COnsult Ghana's leadership consultants provide training and support for school administrators and leadership teams on how to successfully implement school-wide instructional improvement initiatives. Areas of expertise include how to design and sustain initiatives to improve reading and math, Response to Intervention (RTI), 21st century skills development, and other priority areas facing educational leaders today.

Literacy and Learning Action Planning
Education COnsult Ghana's literacy consultants examine student performance, teacher practice, and school capacity against research-based practices. Schools receive a detailed analysis of school and teacher capacity to improve literacy instruction with specific recommendations for improvement. PCG's action planning tools and approaches save time and money by targeting areas for improvement and streamlining the process so school leaders can take immediate action to improve student literacy and learning.

Literacy and Learning Audits
Education COnsult Ghana's Literacy & Learning Audit (grades 5 to Junior high) integrates your school's data and compares your instructional practices with research-based best practices. You receive a detailed, customized analysis of current school and teacher capacity for literacy and learning instruction as well as specific, actionable recommendations for improvement.

Literacy & Learning Professional Development
Education COnsult Ghana’s practical and interactive Teacher Professional Development provides teachers with research-based tools and high impact strategies focused on improving literacy and learning for all students, including English language learners, in content areas such as math, science, social studies, and English language arts. Topics include training for teacher mentors and instructional coaches; integration of 21st century skills into today’s classroom; differentiation strategies; and strategies for motivating and engaging students.

Thinkquiry Toolkit 1
Thinkquiry 1 emphasizes more than basic reading and writing by preparing students for higher level thinking and learning about content. Thinkquiry 1 has undergone extensive field-testing. Comments from teachers and administrators have been very positive: "It is a great compilation of reading strategies in an accessible format."